sustainability and FSC® Certification



Environmental policy at Norleg A/S

Starting with the area we primarily work in, which is designing and making natural playground

equipment, we will endeavour to protect and improve the environment internally and externally,

for the benefit of individuals and the natural world.

Norleg was one of the first makers of playground equipment to be FSC certified.


What is FSC?

FSC is an international non-profit labelling scheme for wood and paper. FSC does not manu-

facture or sell goods. You will find the FSC logo on wood and paper products, which you can

buy with a clear conscience.

You know that because in FSC-certified forests, the forest can regenerate the wood that is

felled. At the same time, FSC ensures that plants and animals ere protected, and that the people

who live in the forest are given training, safety equipment and fair wages.

This means that Public authority requirements for the product are complied with.

It also means that

- We endeavour to develop, manufacture and distribute our products with the least possible impact on the environment and consumption of resources.

- Through information, motivation and training we have environmentally responsible employees, and in that way we ensure a good working environment.

- We work for improvements and to prevent pollution. This includes setting goals to minimise waste and consumption of water and energy.

- We will set goals to minimise injuries and accidents, ensuring the safety of the individual employee.

- Before we select raw materials, products, machines and buildings, we make and economic and environmental assessment.

- As a minimum we will live up to current legislation, the requirements of authorities and other regulations that the company has committed itself to comply with.

- We will constantly strive for strong environmental awareness about our products and to increase it.



Wood is stores up CO2 in the forests and in wooden products, and wood is the most climate-friendly material that exists. Therefore: Use wood in the fight against climate change.

Brædstrup, 13 May 2013

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NORNA PLAYGROUNDS vision is to produce safe, natural playg-round for creative children.

We guarantee that all our products, as a minimum, meet the applicable requirements for a safe play-ground. NORNA PLAYGROUNDS equipment is FSC certificeret.