Maintenance plan

All equipment must be tightened up within three months of installation.
Ropes, chains, shackles, hooks and other moveable parts must be checked at the same time.

To prevent playground accidents the owner or operating manager must ensure that a suitable maintenance plan is in place.
The plan should include information about the components that require maintenance on each piece of equipment and on the surfacing.
The plan should likewise include procedures for e.g. damage and vandalism.


Routine maintenance: The routine maintenance should consist of preventive measures to maintain safety and functionality levels in the playground.
Such measures should be carried out regularly and should at a minimum include the following:
• The play area should be kept clean and well-tended.
• The surfacing should be evened and cleaned of sharp objects and other debris.
• Cleaning of playground equipment. (a)
• Lubrication of bearings and other moveable parts.
• Replacement of worn and defective parts of ropes, chains, shackles, hooks and other moveable parts.


Improving maintenance: Improving maintenance has the nature of a thorough maintenance which should be carried out in conjunction with the main annual inspection.
Improving maintenance includes measures to remedy defects or to re-establish the necessary safety levels for playground equipment and safety surfacing.

Such measures should include the following:
• Topping up loose safety surfacing.
• Cleaning of playground equipment. (a)
• Tightening up of loosened parts, especially bolts, brackets and mountings.
• Replacement of defective building and construction components.
• Surface treatment of woodwork. (b)


Maintenance also includes thorough cleaning of the whole piece of playground equipment at least once a year, especially the play towers and climbing equipment.
Sand, dirt, moss and algae and leaves and debris from plants and trees retain moisture and increase the risk of fungal attacks and dry rot.
Cleaning is easily carried out using a standard soft brush and clean water.
Both moss and algae can be removed with standard anti-coating agents available at retail outlets.
Choice of agent and method depends on the nature of the coating, and the manufacturer's instructions should be followed.


When the surface of the wood becomes dry and worn, it must be re-treated with a transparent surface treatment product.
The original surface treatment product from NORLEG is recommended for this. On pedestrian and other surfaces should be re-treated at least once a year.
It is important that the maintenance of the woodwork should always be carried out before actual disintegration commences.




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