Product information

The wood:
The equipment is primarily manufactured from Robinia (Robinia Pseudoacacia), which is a type of wood with unique qualities in terms of strength and durability.
The Robinia trunks consist almost exclusively of core wood which is extremely durable. The wood only shrinks moderately when it dries.
Compared with other types of wood, Robinia has the highest pressure and bending strength.
But it is Robinia's durability when in contact with soil that makes it especially suited to the manufacture of playground equipment. Robinia equipment is supplied in a version produced from trunks with only the core remaining.
This provides the option of using and installing the wood untreated without reducing life span and without ‘coating’ growing on the posts.
Untreated, Robinia wood will first go golden and then become greyish like all other untreated wood. Other wood used to a lesser degree includes Siberian larch, European larch and rafters in graded pine/spruce.


Surface treatment:
If the surface requires treatment, we use an original transparent surface treatment. This consists of an environmentally friendly, water-based, light and weather-resistant Gori.


The steel:
We only use stainless steel (A2/A4) for production of the playground equipment. This is also the case for ‘hidden’ brackets and joints where use of standard steel would cause discolouring. The stainless steel comes from a production that works exclusively with this type of material.


Taifun wire is a very durable product made of a nylon-covered steel wire core which is used widely by the fishing industry.




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NORNA PLAYGROUNDS vision is to produce safe, natural playg-round for creative children.

We guarantee that all our products, as a minimum, meet the applicable requirements for a safe play-ground. NORNA PLAYGROUNDS equipment is FSC certificeret.