Architectual playground equipment and with high play value NORNA PLAYGROUNDS A/S has entered into a partnership with architect John Hansen to develop a completely new series of playground equipment.

Our focus is to offer a series with a simple and strong design, especially aimed at urban environments. After several years spent designing and developing the series, NORNA PLAYGROUNDS A/S is proud to introduce NORNA ARC - playground equipment that surprises!
One of the core values of the development of the NORNA ARC series is that the playground equipment must have several levels with many entry points. The meticulous design ensures that the series can be used by children of varying ages.
• The NORNA ARC series of playground equipment has a high play value.
• There are always several ways for children to climb up, around, over and under things.
• You will see a large variation in the way children play on the playground equipment.
• The design ensures that the playground equipment offers play and motor skill challenges, and also encourages groups of children to stay on the equipment – a kind of “hang-out” function.


The vision behind NORNA ARC playground equipment is that:
• It is simple and elegant in design
• It can be installed onto the surface
• It is designed in every detail, aimed at entraining and challenging children of varying ag.




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NORNA PLAYGROUNDS vision is to produce safe, natural playg-round for creative children.

We guarantee that all our products, as a minimum, meet the applicable requirements for a safe play-ground. NORNA PLAYGROUNDS equipment is FSC certificeret.