Norna Basic

NORNA BASIC, like CORE, is produced in high quality FSC® certified robinia posts. There is a clear concept behind the NORNA BASIC's product line:

The fall height does not exceed 1 meter - therefore, the only fall surface needed, is well-established grass.

When money is not to be spent on fall protection, besides well-established grass, more play equipment can be afforded.

As a final customer you can enjoy receiving a playground of high quality that complies with EN1176 - All equipment are also certified by TüV.

The natural play equipment in the NORNA BASIC line consist of a number of balance, motor skills and climbing equipment, all of which are prefabricated.

All posts are pre-drilled, nets are mounted and all joints are pre-fitted - it provides quick assembly, effortless.




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Business hours administration:

Man-Tors: 08:00 - 16:00

Fre: 08:00 - 15:30

Business hours shipping and delivery:

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NORNA PLAYGROUNDS vision is to produce safe, natural playg-round for creative children.

We guarantee that all our products, as a minimum, meet the applicable requirements for a safe play-ground. NORNA-PLAYGROUND equipment is FSC certificeret.