Norna Core

NORNA CORE is NORNA PLAYGROUNDS core products with high quality FSC® certified Robina posts.

The individual products are aimed at different age groups, so that all children can find challenges.

We have supplied trim trails for schools where they are used for stimulation of motor skills, or as obstacle courses in sports education.

NORNA PLAYGROUNDS balance tools are also designed for the public space, where they can be integrated into the existing landscape and used as both playground and exercise path for all age groups.

Both housing associations, public parks and squares have many different users of playgrounds, with very different ages and needs.

It is important to provide exciting challenges for everyone and the playground must have a high attraction value for a long time.

When the layout of the playground create more rooms, in the outdoor space, both the attraction value and the actual play value are increased.

In the NORNA CORE series, one must be aware that many of the implements require a drop base.




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NORNA PLAYGROUNDS vision is to produce safe, natural playg-round for creative children.

We guarantee that all our products, as a minimum, meet the applicable requirements for a safe play-ground. NORNA PLAYGROUNDS equipment is FSC certificeret.